Sentiment Analysis


Sentiment analysis allows companies to make sense of unstructured text by automating business processes, getting actionable insights, and saving hours of manual data processing, in other words, by making teams more efficient.

Risk analytics


Risk analytics process identify and analyze potential issues that could impact critical in projects or key business initiatives negatively. Once such potential risks are analyzed the concerned teams in the organizations work towards mitigation or complete avoidance of those risks.

Fraud Analytics


We have a strong bank fraud detection strategy, which recognize and act on suspicious patterns, quickly notify about fraud incidents for faster resolution. Quick fraud detection is essential to minimize losses. The faster a bank detects fraud, the faster it can restrict account activity. Also helps in maintaining customer relationships as well


IP intelligence


We provide IP intelligence solution to deliver content accurately and steaming media, mitigate threats, prevent fraud, control access to your website and assess risk with IP Intelligence deaccessioning data.

Warehouse Management


We have designed and deployed Customized IT Solution Warehousing Solution that provides real time information and improves Supply Chain Visibility through the entire Value Chain.

HR Analytics


We have a framework for Human resource analytics (HR analytics) that analyze employee skill sets and their performance against set standards, in order to understand the supply and demand gap for different projects catering to service sector.


Expense Analytics


We have deployed expense analytics Apps to compare expenses with budgets to ensure that they are not overspending or indulging in wasteful expenditure.

Purchase Analytics


Our Purchasing Analytics solution provides visibility into purchasing so that organizations can monitor and manage supplier performance and contract management.


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