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Sentiss Pharma Online Analysis Capability


Problem: Sentiss Pharma wanted a BI tool in place so that all analysis is done Online and excel reporting is minimized to give a single version of truth.


Solution: Palaash increased Sentiss Pharma’s BI capabilities on top of Navision so that Excel reporting got minimized and everybody got the single version of truth. It started with Finance Module and applications were developed in areas of Primary Sales and Secondary Sales. Right now all reporting is in Qlikview and Excel based reporting came to a complete halt. All analysis is done Online with the help of Qlikview.


Safexpress Single Version of Truth


Problem: Safexpress typically wanted a dynamic automation of the reports, complete analysis and sharing it with non QlikView users.


Solution: Palaash used Qlikview to automate the reporting of the Operations. Users started viewing all reports, analyze the same in their own browser and were able to share the same with other non QlikView users. The Top Management (MD and Corporate Strategy) got heavily dependent on Qlikview to view Daily Booking, Transhipment and Delivery. In addition to it, accounts of all branches of India started getting monitored through Qlikview. This helped them to streamline their ERP and also their processes.


Genpact Expense Information


Problem: Genpact typically wanted to find out unnecessary expenses by gathering data from different data sources.


Solution: Palaash developed an Expense Application for Genpact’s Client, wherein it’s client can view their different expenses like Client Entertainment, Mobile Expenses, Travel Expenses and other related expenses in a complete application, with data compiled from different data centers. Palaash gave this service through web server hosting, which client accessed the same through their browser.


Capgemini Skill Set Allocation


Problem: Capgemini wanted to have effective decision system across various departments to track skill set and attrition rate.


Solution: Palaash made monitoring effective by presenting top management with effective KPI dashboard, trend charts and scorecards. Integrated data sources to have effective analytics, decision support and planning system across various departments and functions. Applications were built on areas related with tracking of attrition rate, and skill set for various on-going projects.


Nuance Transcription Operational Track


Problem: Nuance wanted a BI tool in place so that it can be used to track day to day operations of whole organization in terms of skills and efficiency, which helps them in figuring out their business movement.


Solution: Palaash came up with Qlikview BI and offered a DARE (Dashboard Analysis Reporting Analytics) structure to Nuance team. Stressed on reducing reporting team of 18 people to just 2 people, visualized productivity and performance of each individual, which was not possible before due to lot many disparate data sources used for analysis.


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